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into his tactics and some of his targets. >> he was asking for attacks on the united states, president obama. he said they're trying to kill vice president biden, the secretary of defense. we should focus on these guys. >> the most revealing revelations is his frustrations for the crumbling of his network. >>> the suicide over nfl player junior seau is lingering talks about hard hits playing football. players are leading the push for me research on -- for more research on the last effects of a career's worth of collisions. sdlsz -- >> what concerns me is the repeated trauma. i've had three concussions. >> more than 1,5 #00 form -- 1,50 oh former pliers -- 1,500 players are suing the nfl. >>> terrence suggs may miss all or most of the upcoming season. here is mark with more on his injury and the impact on the team's championship hopes. >> terrence suggs suffered a torn achilles tendon. the ravens are now rocked with news their star linebacker is heading to surgery. he's dedicated himself to fitness. suggs suffered a to achilles during off season training in arizona. it's a potentially s
to take the first amendment arguments to the united states supreme court. >>> two men are behind bars after a police pursuit through southwest baltimore. the men stole an s.u.v. then lost control. they tried to flee on foot after the crash but were later arrested. >>> today johns hopkins will begin training dozens of secret service agents in the wake of growing prostitution scandal. kai jackson has more on the role the university will play. >> reporter: the sex scandal now has a baltimore connection. johns hopkins will teach agents a two-day course in ethics. >> i believe that director sullivan wants to keep the conversation out there in the public. >> reporter: a number of agents are accused of hiring prostitutes in columbia prior to a visit in south america by president barack obama. the scandal forced some agents to resign. >> it's a stunning thing. it's actually disgusting. >> reporter: do you know if any of the agents involved or accused came through your class? >> i do but i would rather not say more about that. >> reporter: he is an assistant professor of the applied doctor of
,000 midshipman graduated from the united states naval academy and moved onto military service. >> this moment in time marks the end of a long journey. >> i'm so proud out of -- of our class. i can't believe 4 years has gone by. >> for some marylanders graduating from the u.s. naval academy is a lifelong dream come true. >> the butterflies and excitement is -- you get choked up. >> a moving day moved even more. when kevin hilary got his diploma, he's the first pair a pa lee going person in history. enhances presence in asia is now the focus. >> it's up to your generation to ensure that our fleet remains unrivalled by any other nation on earth. that's why you came here. >> among the graduates nearly 300 were commissioned in the marines. >> it's hard work that everyone has done. >> others in the air force and coast guard bought together one last time during the 100th hat toss to seal the day. >> or ray. >> the graduates will now serve at least 5 years and be scattered across the world. >> this year's class included graduates from 12 foreign countries. >>> the oriole withes will be looking -- th
an effect on the southeastern united states. florida, georgia and south carolina are experiencing heavy rains and flooding. the storm turns back to the atlantic. beryl hasn't done significant damage but memorial day plans were washed out. >>> a young is shot in his car trying to get help. adam may talks to the family. >>> reporter: he was supposed to get new pictures of his son this memorial weekend but instead the parents are planning a funeral. >> he did not deserve to die the way he did. >> that was my only boy. my heart is saddened, broken. >> reporter: early saturday morning he was driving on edgecomb circle, bullet holes scar an apartment complex. a witness tells wjz new gun fire seemed to come out of nowhere. he hit the gas but got stuck in a dead end. he turned around and sped out of the neighborhood. police pulled him over for driving the wrong way down this street. when he stopped the vehicle, he fell on to the road, his body riddled with bullets. he told police he had no idea who shot him. >> we have no information leading us to a suspect. >> my son was a good guy and he neve
. for more than 80 years presidents of the united states make the short trip from here at the white house to one of the most secure and secret places in the world. nestle ed d in the mountains of maryland is thurmont. >> it's a secure location and beautiful location in the mown -- mountains of maryland. it's a place presidents can get away from it all. >> better known as camp david , it's just 70 miles from the white house. intlsz the t a glaet -- >> it's a glaet location to -- great location to have a g8 summit. >> what makes it perfect? >> you can expect an entirely different atmosphere, a much more relaxed and secluded atmosphere with a lot less hoopla and maybe they'll be able to get more done. >> the g8 or group of 8 summits arrived to damp -- camp david on friday. this isn't the first meeting held at camp david. >> give us a sense of the history? >> the most important meeting occurred in 1978 when jimmy carter brought the leader of iz yell -- israel together with e equipment. >> every president has used camp david to get away from the riggers of the presidency, relax with family an
and clark and it was left up to the united states army. he said we never would have had the immediate west ward expansion. >> i remember it well. not louis and clark. >>> this is a great shot. i'm on the ocean city website. this refreshes like every 10, 15 seconds so it may go blaing. that's caroline street looking down the boards towards the amauzment park. it's got a little bit of light fog. skies will clear area wide, partly sunny, hot humid inland 87. coming up on coffee with, this is a really good one. what it first could appear to be, a couple of guys showing and cooking some steaks. this is an education on how to cook a steak well. >> they're not just selling charcoal. >> they were trying to. that's ugly. >> oh, that is. >> shhing sharon gibala -- sharon gibala is going to have that story and the rest of traffic. first warning weather for your holiday weekend coming up next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, >>> 70 right now with 93% humidity. barely a breeze. let's look at the state on both sides. around deep creek lake 59, 61 cumberland, ocean city 66, 68 easton, 67 elkin, 7 # the dc -- 72 dc
on the united states, including the failed christmas day bombing in 2009. >> oh fshls say there's no -- officials say there's no immediate plans to change airport security screening. >> that double agent is now safely out of yemen. . >>> maryland lawmakers have agreed on a deal to raise taxes. it will raise taxes on those making more than $100,000 a year. the increase applies to 16% of maryland taxpayers. >> people are going to complain. at the same time there's cuts across the board for people that are going to feel it in their pocketbooks. they're going to see it at the schools, health care, environment and everywhere. >> the move so to prevent -- is to prevent is doomsday budget. the special session will begin on mondays. >>> a daredevil attempting a defeat. hundreds watch as nick wallenda crosses the water on a tight rope without a net. here is meghan mccorkell with the story. >> he made that walk over the inner harbor, the tight rope just one inch wide and it was the lejts lengths -- lengths of a football field. >> i thought he was going to fall. >> if you make a mistake, y
that are being sold, this is the good of the #40e president of -- blood of the 40th president of the united states and it needs to be stopped. we're going to do everything in our power to do that. >> bidding is over $14,000. >>> e equipment is going to the -- egypt is going to the poll today. the race is seen as a choice between secular and religion candidates. >>> for the first time the director of the secret service will talk publicically about the prostitution scandal. he's likely to face some tough questions about the culture of the service. >> the head of the secret service agency heads to capitol hill today. mark sullivan will answer to congress about the prostitution scandal involving his agents. >> nobody wants to see america embarrassed. >> 200 secret service persons nael were in -- personal were in columbia preparing for the president's visit there. of those, 12 were investigated, 9 were found to have been involved, three were cleared. >> the first question i opposed to the director was was there any breech to the president's security and the answer was no. >> sullivan has repaire
this group in yemen that's proving to be very adaptive, very dangerous and has tried to hit the united states now multiple times. >> reporter: officials say this man, ibrahim al-asiri is the master minds behind the bomb. >> this is a very clever guy. >> reporter: he's best known for creating the underwear bomb that failed to detonate in the skies over detroit on christmas day 2009. he also reportedly hit bombs which were hidden inside toner cartridges and shipped to the u.s. in october of 2010. president obama was made aware of the threat last month. u.s. government officials insist the public was never in danger. still, the secretary of defense says the u.s. will do whatever it takes to thwart these attacks. >> what this incident makes clear is that this country has to continue to remain vigilant. >> reporter: still the bomb reportedly had no metal parts. meaning it is less likely it would have been discovered by most airport security measures. >> this bomb maker is doing everything possible to create devices that evade existing and known security protocols. >> reporter: a senior official wi
them to shut down units. >>> skateboarders and bikers are opening for a new report. time is running out on a deal. >> behind the roseosevelt park recreation center is the making of a state of the art skateboard park. >> right now then conditions are poor. nothing is well done. >> dalg daniel -- daniel oliver is a member of one state park. >> this park has the potential to be something amazing and what you can -- something that would attract people are all around the country. >> you don't have to wore rir about getéing -- worry about getting hit by dars. cars -- cars. >> they've been donated by local businesses, some of them have been donated by our organization and a lot of them have been built by the kids. every trash day there's a different collection of state obstacles. >> the nonprofit group is raising noun create a better facility. the group has secured a limited grant and is still racing the clock. >> the city will match the organization $75,000 of fund raiding but they only have -- fund raising but they only have two weeks to do it. >> if we meet this match we will be able the
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10